Tips on Designing Your Challenge Coins

Here at Challenge Coins 4 Less, we aim to deliver topnotch challenge coins that suit our customers’ needs. That includes using high quality materials, ensuring fast production time, and providing excellent customer service. Of course, we also won’t forget the amazing overall appearance of the finished products.

In order to do this, we hired the most creative and inspired artists to help us actualize your designs and transfer them from your imagination to actual coins. All you need to do is to give us your design so that we can start working our magic.
We accept your ideas in any form they make take, be it in a very detailed adobe file, drawings on paper, or just a descriptive paragraph. Telling us what you want to appear on your coin is the very first step in creating your custom coins, and the most fun part, too!

Before you start visualizing how you want your challenge coins to turn out though, below are a few points you should consider.

First, make the most out of the tiny canvass.

Coins DesignDo not let the tiny size of the coin restrict you from creating a wonderful work of art. Instead, maximize it! Words, images, logos, and other symbols representing your company or organization can be placed there. Think of all the elements you want to see on both sides of the coin, make a rough draft for it, and evaluate whether or not putting these elements together will look good. Also, remember that Challenge Coins 4 Less is not limiting you to just having a circular challenge coin. We do dog-tags and square-shaped ones too!

Second, put your best foot forward!

Now that you know what things to put on your coin, it is good to devote ample space for the most important element so that people can immediately see it and identify the coin. For example, if you are a business, the logo of the company might be a good thing to highlight.

Third, think of colors-

Yes, coins can have colors! Colors make them pop and attract more attention, which should be advantageous especially if you’re planning to give the coins away as souvenirs. Do not go overboard with it though. Keep in mind that coins still look more classic when they bear a very small amount of colored paint, or none at all.

Fourth, choose your metal finish wisely-

This is a very important factor in the overall appearance of your coin. This is where you decide if you want it gold, silver, or nickel.  You also get to choose if you want it just polished, antique, or dual-toned. The simple polish usually works best with colors, while the more artistic metal finishes usually work better if you don’t use too much color.

Challenge Coins Design

Fifth, decorate the edge-

This is optional, though. If you think your coin could use a little more detail, then you can opt to turn the flat edge of the coin into a rope-cut edge or a diamond-cut edge. Just make sure that these additional details are not too far from the general theme of your challenge coin.

Sixth, think of the packaging, too-

How would you like to wrap your coins? This completes the theme of the challenge coin you are designing. Challenge coins 4 Less offers a wide array of choices for your packaging, including pouches, capsules, boxes, and coin stands. You just need to take your pick.

Lastly, review the design-

Look at its details closely, and do not forget to consider that the size of these details will be reduced drastically. Make sure they look good even when they are tiny. Ask for comments from your friends or colleagues, so that you get a second opinion on the matter.

Once you have finished the design for your coin, give us a ring, and our artists would be very happy to assist you in polishing your design. Do not worry if you’re not happy with how it turned out the first time, because we do not charge an extra for revisions. We would be happy to work closely with you until we come up with a design that you approve of.

The sky is the limit for your creativity when designing your challenge coin, so let it run wild!


Here at, we aim to deliver topnotch challenge coins that suit our customers’ needs. We offers a wide array of choices for your packaging, including pouches, capsules, boxes, and coin stands.

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Tips for Startup Companies and Small Business Owners by SEO Consulting Company –

According to the Boston Consulting Group, companies that utilize the internet for their business activities are expected to grow faster by 40% as opposed to those organizations that do not use the internet. This fact alone should be enough to entice startup companies and small business owners who aim for business growth to avail of the many helpful features of the internet.

seo-consulting-servicesHowever, all new and small companies should realize that their mere presence on the web is not enough to drive customers to buy their products or avail of their services; hence, startup companies and small business owners should acquaint themselves with SEO and realize its importance in gaining exposure and increasing their visibility to search engine users. How can these companies achieve all the benefits that SEO offers?

Of course, these companies need a website.

According to a Google Survey, around 58% of all businesses in the United States do not have a website. If you are one of these many companies, you better start registering a domain name now. SEO Consulting Company – can help you get your business online. We will guide you so that you will be informed on the specific data that your website should present —contact information, description of your business, business hours, and others.

No two websites are created equal

There are myriad variables that affect the ranking of your website. These variables include your location, the location of the search engine user, as well as a user’s web history, thus, there is no guarantee for an SEO strategy, which produces favorable results for another company’s website to produce the same outcomes in yours because of the aforementioned factors. SEO Consulting Company – employs various SEO techniques that are sure to give you positive results, regardless of your and your potential customers’ locations and web history.

Find out more about your competition

As in any form of business, whether online or otherwise, it is of utmost importance to gather information about your competitors. Search for the keywords that you want to rank for, and get a list of the companies that appear on the first page of the search results. After doing so, conduct an in-depth research about these companies. Find out what these competitors have done and are planning to do. Identify your competitive advantage over these competitors, and leverage on these for you to achieve your desired results.

Do not waste a single moment. Engage in SEO now.

Waiting is of no use. Contact an SEO professional who can help you grow your business. SEO Consulting Company – has outlined the following reminders for you as you search for a potential firm:

Find an experienced SEO firm

SEOThere are many things to consider when hiring an SEO firm, and experience is one of these. Remember that internet marketing campaign can cost you a big amount of money; hence, you have to find an SEO professional with a long list of experience so that you can be ensured of his expertise in this field. Before deciding to avail of the services of an SEO firm, do not hesitate to ask about the company’s past clients, and how long it has been operating in the industry.

Inquire about a client’s past projects

A company will not thrive in a competitive industry if it is incapable of providing quality products and services to its client. Nevertheless, it still pays to ask an SEO firm about its past projects. Encourage the firm to share some of its success stories, difficulties it has faced in its many years of experience, as well as how it dealt with such challenges. Only after gathering enough information about the firm should you decide if it is worth every penny you will spend.

Inquire about the timeframe to see results

Seek the help of a firm, which does not guarantee you with unrealistic outcomes, such as guaranteeing results within just a couple of days. SEO takes a lot of time and hard work before clients will finally see results.


Do not allow your company to fall behind your competitors simply because you do not have a website. Contact SEO Consulting Company – to give you more tips as you begin your new business venture. SEO Consulting Company— has been on the internet marketing industry for many years now and we can assure you of quality products and services. We can even help you reach your target market and achieve realistic goals.

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Movable Container The Best Option For Your Storage Needs

Moveable containers can be used for almost any purpose that you have in mind. Various sectors use portable storage containers to provide empty extra storage for different equipment and belongings. We assure you that is your one-stop best source for top quality container products. At very affordable prices, we are proud to offer our portable storage units made with the finest and durable materials. We have different kinds of storage containers that will perfectly suit your purposes such as portable, cubicle, movable, mobile office and temporary storage.

We also offer custom modifications on all of our products so you are free to specify your moveable container requirements. All our container specifications are up-to-date and modernized to ensure the safety and security of all your belongings.

Metal Containers

We do not just provide moveable containers, but also offer container rental services. You may rent our storage containers on short term or long term periods to any of your preferred location. All our containers are ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified so we guarantee you a sturdy and secure storage for all your stuff. Our containers have a large side-by-side easy opening swing doors and made from durable metal exterior. They are specifically designed for maximum storage space so we can give you superior storage solutions and services.

Movable Container Are Perfect For All Your Storage Needs :

Whether you are renovating your house, moving or selling it, or handling different merchandise, our on-site moveable containers will effectively meet your requirements. Here at, we will provide you premium quality moveable containers and best rental service you will never have anywhere.

If you work in a construction company or contractor and is in need of a portable storage onsite to store all your construction tools and equipment, we will take care all your storage needs. You can also use these containers for an easy transfer of your contractors from one site to another.

Portable containers are also beneficial for commercial industries. It is useful during promotions, renovations, holidays and new store openings. It can be used as temporary storage for excess or seasonal products in your inventory. You can also use them for frequent loading and unloading of retail or commercial products.

Movable Container

Since moveable containers are highly resistant to harsh weathers, it is often used by government entities and municipalities during disasters, so they can deliver and store relief goods with ease. It is also ideal for sheltering military equipment and gear due to its durability and metal exterior. You can also use the container to secure high-security records and confidential documents. You can order your own movable container at the as we provide those with high security locking system for extra protection of important belongings. Our movable container can withstand strong winds and are resistant to huge water impact.

Portable storage units are also convenient for homeowners and residents as these provide extra storage for your stuff during remodelling process. In case of moving, moveable containers are perfect for transporting your stuff to your new location. You have an assurance that all your personal and important belongings are securely stored inside the containers.

Storage containersHotels, hospitals and other small businesses also use these items to provide additional space for medical tools and equipment, financial records, furnishings, or office supplies. It is a great way to expand your warehouse capacity without actually constructing another building.

With, you will always have extra space for everything. We will provide you instant storage for all your stuff with our unbeatable price. Through our nationwide network, we will bring you top quality moveable containers directly at your preferred location whenever you need them.

You can always contact us and rent for a container, which is suitable for all your storage requirements. Our team has always been dedicated in providing you with only premium quality moveable containers and so with our great customer service, we will meet all your expectations and needs.

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Tips For Buying Your First Set Of Golf Iron Sets

Buying your first set of golf iron sets can be difficult but it is an essential skill to master. Keep in mind that irons will make up to 10 of the fourteen clubs you are allowed so you have to choose them carefully. A typical set of irons consists of a 3-iron to a 9-iron and a pitching wedge or a sand wedge. However, many players have recently taken to replacing the 3-iron and the 4-iron with the equivalent hybrid clubs since these irons are the most difficult to hit.

Here are some of the other considerations you have to keep in mind when choosing which golf iron sets to purchase:

The type of club head. Irons generally have two types of club heads – blades and cavity-backs.

GolfBlade irons are the traditional type that used to be the only ones sold. The club head has a thin face as well as a small hitting area. These design features mean that this club is made for more skilled players since the “sweet spot” of the head is smaller and more difficult to hit. The major advantage of blades is that they provide a lot of feedback but are not as forgiving of mis-hits.

Cavity-backs, on the other hand, are a more recent design that features a cavity or recess behind the head. These irons are also called perimeter-weighed since more weight is concentrated on the perimeter of the club head. Since more weight is concentrated on the edges, the club has more forgiveness as well as a bigger “sweet spot”, making it a better choice for golfers who have mid- to high handicaps.

The type of shaft. Shafts are distinguished by the type of material they are made of – steel, graphite or a combination of materials.

Steel shafts are the most common and most popular type of shaft found in golf iron sets. Steel is a strong material that produces less flex when you swing it, resulting in more consistent shots. And the thickness of the carbon steel used ensures that all of your irons have consistent flexibility and torque, and lets you have the same stiffness and flex across all of them. They are also the most affordable of the shaft types.

Golf EquipmentGraphite. Although this type of shaft is more expensive than steel it offers the advantage of being lighter and more flexible. Thus, you can increase the speed of your swing and possibly increase the distance you can drive the ball. The disadvantage of graphite is that it may not give a consistent feel when you are using it.

Multi-material. This type of shaft combines both steel and graphite to provide you with some of the advantages of both. Generally, multi-material shafts are mostly made from steel with the tip being graphite. The steel part of the shaft allows you more control over the flight of the ball, while the graphite provides a smaller amount of extra speed which can help give the ball more distance.

If you are planning to buy your golf iron sets and do not have the opportunity to try them out in person, you might want to consider getting a club fitting. This process defines which irons are the best for your physical stature and particular swing style. Since a typical set is designed for players who are around five feet ten inches. If you do not fit this profile, you might have difficulty using the irons in the set. While you will have to pay for a club fitting, it can save you more money in the long run since you will be able to buy precisely the type of club that best fits you without having to invest money in clubs that you might not be able to use.

A huge selection of golf equipments like golf clubs, golf drivers, golf fairway woods, golf iron sets and more are available at Rockbottom golf.

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How to Find the Best Long Island Homes for Sale

Buying a house in Long Island, New York is quite rewarding especially if you are planning to stay in the area for a very long time, let us say 10 years or more. For a retiree, the place is great to spend your idle hours of retirement period. For couples, the community of the place is awesome for starting a family and raising your kids.

However, finding the best long island homes for sale and buying one may become difficult. Most of the times, the hassle of the legal process prevents some or perhaps many people from purchasing a new home in Long Island, especially for old people and couples who like to start a new life in New York. How can we help you find your dream home in Long Island? Read on to know more.

You may use one or two of the following methods below to find your ideal house.

Use a general listing site

homeA general listing site such as craigslist contains announcements from different people of various professions and economic status. In some of these sites, you can find real estate category where homeowners post their property for sale. The advantage of using this list is the creation of a free account and search the site to your heart’s content. Another advantage is finding the cheapest real estate properties that are up for sale. Since these posters are FSBO, the price is significantly lower than prices you see on realtor sites.

However, when it comes to finding the best long island homes for sale through this kind of site, using may pose various disadvantages. One, some or perhaps many of the posters may not be legitimate. You may even end up meeting dishonest people, trying to convince you to buy a property, not to your liking. Two, properties posted in a general listing site may have hidden problems such as high costs of renovation upon closing costs. Three, searching this site poses great dangers of encountering unscrupulous people than those who have credibility.

Thus, if you are not an experienced real estate property owner or are a first-time buyer, proceed with caution. Transact at your own risk. Better yet, use an MLS site in finding the right real property for you.

Search our listings, otherwise known as multiple listing services (MLS)

Our MLS site features real estate properties for sale, and for lease. It has complete information than a general listing has. long island homes for sale can be found at  also list the best real estate brokers who deal long island homes for sale. Aside from the property and broker listings, We also browse our other services that may help you in finding and purchasing the house you want.

The advantage of using our site is assurance that you are viewing a secure and legit listing. Our company adheres to an excellent customer service. We make sure that our clients get the most relevant information they need in selecting the real estate property homes they want to buy. The second advantage is scrutinizing every detail in all of our listings before making a face-to-face contact with the broker. Rest assured that the brokers you will meet in the future are all licensed and all have excellent knowledge when it comes to the real estate proceedings.

Real-Estate-marketAs much as we want to promote our services, using our listings has disadvantages. One advantage is incorrect or not updated information. In some circumstances, the information you may find on our site may be outdated. However, we make sure to correct and update that information. To avoid any inconvenience, feel free to point to us the information you find incorrect or outdated.

The second disadvantage is the dealings of the brokers listed on our site. We guarantee that all the brokers who handle long island homes for sale have excellent customer relations. However, the methods that they may use are not within our control. If in case, a broker’s method does not bode well for you, you can always change your mind and find another, provided you have not yet signed any binding contracts.

Visit a Real Estate broker’s office

brokerage-officeSearching the internet is a convenient way of finding a property and a broker. However, some people are not comfortable with using an online site when it comes to property buying. If you are one of those people, the best way of searching is visiting a real estate broker’s office. They also have a portfolio that you may browse. In addition, you may even ask questions to the employees or to the real estate agents available. The disadvantage is time. You have to allot time to visit their place. This may be a problem if you are busy most of the times. It may become hard to schedule a visit.

The selection process is time-consuming. However, selecting carefully is more rewarding in the end. You save yourself all the troubles of unwanted real estate home, too high closing costs and possible renovation costs if you make the effort of choosing the right property and the right broker.

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The Glamorous Lives Of Motivational Speakers

We definitely agree that professional motivational speakers have a fascinating career. The most well-known speakers deliver powerful messages that change the lives of many. As intriguing as it may be, choosing this career is more than just living grand.

Job Description

Have you ever made a class presentation? Have you ever read a script in front of other students? Have you ever spoken at a meeting?

Motivational SpeakersIf you already did at least one of these or other types of public speaking, you were already able to take a few steps toward this career. You probably already have some ideas about what to do before speaking in front of the public.

Basically, a keynote speaker is required to speak clearly and confidently in front of a big crowd. You won’t be an effective speaker if you stammer out your speech. You need to have an appealing voice, vibrant tone, and clear pronunciation. If you have poor speaking skills, you should hire a professional to train you and teach you how to modulate your voice.

As a speaker, you need to prepare your own speech. Create a compelling message that would inspire your audience. Writing down your thoughts will help you develop an outline and build a strong message. Use your past experiences as relevant examples to your subject.

Getting Started

Starting off as a public speaker can be daunting. You need to develop effective marketing techniques in order to promote yourself. Building a network of connections is tough if you don’t know where to start.

Keynote speakerYou can start by developing your speaking skills especially in areas mentioned above. With proper training and experience, you will be able to increase your confidence in speaking. Create a blog or a website. Ask your friends to help you to find an event where you can speak for free. Record these events and post the videos in your site.

It’s not impossible to attract attention even if you’re working on your own but it would probably take you years before you can even attain your speaking goals. Most prominent motivational speakers worked with great mentors in their early years. Find someone who can help you improve your stage presence. Your mentor should be able to point out your mistakes and help you correct them.


At first, you may find it hard to handle the responsibilities of a public speaker. You need to deal with organizers, set your schedule, book your tickets (if you’re traveling in another state or country), manage your finances, and handle marketing on top of preparing your speech. The first few months or even years would be the most challenging times of your career. Don’t give up.

Once you get the hang of it, you will discover the amazing benefits of your new-found career.

The benefits of this career include:

1. No Special Education Needed

Your public speaking experiences can help you improve your ability to speak but you don’t need to obtain special education or undergo extensive training. This is why almost anyone can venture the path to this career.

2. Low Cost Startup

Unlike other careers or businesses, you don’t need to raise thousands of dollars to become a keynote speaker.

3. High Income

Successful public speakers earn up to $15,000 for a single speaking engagement which may last for about 60 minutes.

4. Excitement

Many people think that speaking is a glamorous career. Yes, it is glamorous but it also involves hard work. Nevertheless, being a public speaker can get you to places you’ve never visited before. You will also get the opportunity to meet-and-greet great people you would never be able to meet if you’re not a public speaker.

5. Make a Difference

Motivational speakers can motivate, uplift, and inspire. They can help individuals and businesses to increase their level of success. People tend to make positive changes in their lives when they hear inspirational stories and advices.

6. Start Own Business

Many public speakers were able to start their own business when they became successful in the speaking industry. This is mostly because they already have enough time to invest on businesses they dream to have.

7. Freedom

As a speaker, you no longer have to stick to a daily schedule. Even if your calendar is full of speaking engagements, you can usually get on vacation whenever you want. If you are self-employed, you can choose whether to accept a speaking assignment or not.

There are many challenges in public speaking but there are more benefits in it. As we often say, several motivational speakers stayed in the speaking business for years so don’t give up easily when you encounter difficulties.

Author Bio:
Motivational speakers get extremely significant experience and can build up their abilities and manufacture their notoriety, which is the thing that each learner speaker needs. Contact here for more detail information about motivational speakers.
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Introduction To Enobosarm

Maybe it is your first time to encounter this word. Do not worry. You are not alone. Millions of people do not know anything about Enobosarm. However, with the numerous potential positive effects of this newly introduced substance, it deserves to be known.

Here are some details about Enobosarm

pills-tablets1. It comes by the name Ostarine, too.

It is under the category of SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. What is SARM? These are drugs that selectively target the tissues that need adrogenic effects. What are androgenic effects? Androgen is a male sex hormone such as testosterone. Its effects include the development of secondary sexual characteristics among males such as maturation of sex organs, deepening of voice, growth of facial, axillary and pubic hair. Also, this hormone is vital for increased muscle and bone mass.

2. Due to its ability to increase muscular mass and strength,

GTx, Inc originally developed this SARM medication for prevention and management of muscle wasting among non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. A study is conducted where a total of 325 patients with stage 3 or 4 NSCLC are either taking a daily dose of 3mg Ostarine or its placebo. The effects were being monitored by stages. The company’s hope was raised as the result of the three months experiment has demonstrated a significant effect statistically. Unfortunately, Enobosarm failed to achieve the agreed upon statistical significant difference required by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for it to be filed as a new drug for treatment of muscle wasting for cancer patients. Still, the company believes that the data gathered during the clinical trial of the said drug may be enough to warrant the filing of MAA or marketing authorization application. Hence, the company is still evaluating the continuation of this research.

3. Why is it gaining popularity as SARM?

Prior to Enobosarm, the widely known and accepted SARM drug was anabolic steroids. However, there is a big gap between the two drugs in terms of the target of the drugs and its side effects. With anabolic steroids, tissues intended and not intended for the therapy were affected. For example, when the target tissue is just the skeletal system, even other tissues such as in testicles, prostate, hair, and the likes are also affected. So one could expect improvements on the skeletal system (such as increased bone density and mass) but will be dismayed with side effects like enlarged prostate or hair loss. With Enobosarm, the target of the drug is selective so the side effects are fewer. Meaning, if one intended it to increase physical performance or prevent muscle wasting, then that would be the focus of its actions. Other tissues would not be affected. Hence, you would not expect adrogenic responses such as shrinking testicles for males or deepening voice or enlarged clitoris for women, to name just a few possible side effects.

4. Aside from the original goal of preventing muscle wasting among cancer patients and those with skeletal and muscular disorders, the new drug is aiming to achieve the following in the future.

  • Increase muscle strength, which could lead to better physical function both for the sick and the healthy individuals. Muscle wasting occurs because there is weakness of muscles and the individual therefore cannot use the muscles. The drug hopes to prevent this from happening by increasing muscle strength.
  • Possibly decrease incidence of cases of Osteoporosis among the elderly females as bone density would increase with use of this drug.
  • Hasten recovery of bone fractures or tendon injuries.
  • Better alternative of athletes or sports enthusiasts for their bodybuilding programs.

Additional time and studies are required to determine the capabilities of this substance as a cure for muscle wasting. For now, researches are ongoing to make the conclusion credible and more substantial.

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